“Before asking what we can do, we need to ask: How must we think?” (Joseph Beuys)

Foundations and methods of interdisciplinary science

Are our minds still in step with the profound changes in science, technology, business and
society? What do we need to learn to master increasingly complex and dynamic developments?
In which new ways do we need to think to bring about innovations that will stand the test of
time? These questions underpin our work.

We have explored them intensively for the past 20 years in interdisciplinary discussions
between the natural and social sciences, art and philosophy. In the context of the
Bergweg-Forum Denken der Zukunft, we are developing the methodological foundations for a systemic,
ethical and aesthetic approach to the challenges of our time.

The aim is to develop a new integrative mode of thinking that offers new solutions for human action in the 21st century, especially in situations that require difficult decisions. Two studies were published on the basis of this work:

Bernhard von Mutius. Die Verwandlung der Welt. “Ein Dialog mit der Zukunft”, Klett-Cotta 2001 (2nd edition) and
Bernhard von Mutius (Ed.)”Die andere Intelligenz. Wie wir morgen denken werden”, Klett-Cotta 2004 (2nd edition).