Thinking today, what organisations will need tomorrow

Thinking, future and leadership are the fields in which we act as intermediaries between science and practice across disciplinary boundaries. Thinking ahead together – on the basis of an innovative, integrated approach and an uncompromising quest for quality.

Thinking “in between”, making transformations transparent and designing effective change processes – these have been the aims of our work for 20 years. They are the essence of our lectures and publications, seminars and dialogs on the future, customized coaching and advice in science, business and society.

We explore common patterns across conventional disciplinary boundaries to discover new approaches for the knowledge society and develop solutions that resolve complexity. We do this in dialog with others. Those are the maxims of the new other intelligence to which we are committed.

Bernhard von Mutius

Dr Bernhard von Mutius is a social scientist, philosopher, strategy consultant and leadership coach. He has worked for BMW, Google, Siemens and the Club of Rome, among others, and has trained and inspired many thousands of people. In 2018, he was awarded “Trainer of the Year”. Bernhard von Mutius networks people and accompanies organisations in change. He is chairman of the “Bergweg Forum “Thinking the Future” and works in several think tanks. He publishes articles and essays in magazines such as “Capital”, “Handelsblatt” or “DIE ZEIT” and is the author of several books and anthologies, including “The Transformation of the World” (2001), “The Other Intelligence” (2008), “Disruptive Thinking” (2017) and “Disruptive Thinking Work-& Playbook” (2019).

„Storytelling and deep knowledge; great images/specific material to underline and explain the content“

„Mentorship, Openness, Wisdom“

“I would have loved to hear more from him and his knowledge. A great format!”
“They listened to us well in advance, met our briefing exactly and delivered super. The input sessions were inspiring.”
You managed to make “Disruptive Thinking” tangible – to give us methods that can be directly applied and implemented in everyday life. Thank you very much for the great exchange!”
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  • Impulses – Lectures & Keynotes
  • Strategic consulting
  • Leadership development
  • Future Dialogues
  • Personal coaching
  • Senior Advisor an member of  Teaching Team der HPI School of Design Thinking

  • “Trainer of the Year” (2018)