Dr. Bernhard von Mutius

Born 1949 in Heidelberg. Classical grammar school education (Humanisti- sches Gymnasium). Studied philosophy, history and the Sciences. Leadership thinker, coach and co-founder of „Die Denkbank“. Engaged as strategic advisor for major german and international companies, political institutions and social organisations. Chairman of the inter- disciplinary Bergweg-Forum Denken der Zukunft e. V. since 1989. Co-founder in 1994 of the initiative UPJ “Unternehmen: Partner der Jugend“ and founding member of the „New Club of Paris“. Varied advisory functions for, among others, the journal “Internationale Politik” of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (DGAP); consulting and lecturing on issues of economic and social change. Themes: Thinking the future, next leadership, innovation and transformation.

We work as a team with our staff, the members and friends of the Bergweg Forum Denken der Zukunft, and with our national and international cooperation partners in science, business and social organizations.