Lectures, discussions and presentations

23 . Januar
Den Wandel gestalten. Routinen brechen. Menschen stärken
Key Note, Collective Impact Tagung, Das Demographie Netzwerk e.V., Dortmund

9. Januar
Cross Industry Innovationen. Die Chancen für den Mittelstand
Key Note, Auftaktveranstaltung des Cross Industry Netzwerk des M ittelstandes, Potsdam

18th January
“Fields of Innovation” Lecture at Städel Museum of Art, followed by Chair of the Innovation Forum 2008 organized jointly by Accenture and the Rhine-Main Business Club at awards ceremony of the 28th Innova- tionspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft in Frankfurt

16th November
“Complexity and Leadership – New Corporate Thinking”
Guest lecture at Bartsch & Partner Law Forum in the International Depart-
ment, Karlsruhe University

9th November
“Shaping the Future Today”
Guest lecture at the Senior Management Conference of HSBC Trinkaus
& Burkhardt AG in Krefeld

1st November
“Future Research? Future Thinking!”
Lecture at ACI Financial Markets Forum, Davos

16th October
“Thinking the Future, Shaping the Future: The Importance of
Education in the Transition from Industrial to Knowledge Society”

Keynote address at 2007 Valedictorians Award Ceremony of the IHK
Rhein-Neckar in Rosengarten Congress Center, Mannheim

3rd September
“Between the Disciplines: How we will think tomorrow”
Opening address of the “Between the Disciplines” event of the Swiss
Engineer and Architect Society, Zurich

22nd June
“Future and Responsibility – Leadership in Antithetical Times”
Opening address at 15th Munich Personnel Forum

15th June
“Guest Lecture Future Forum”
Lecture at opening of the “Palliative Care in the 3rd Millennium” Future
Forum of Janssen-Cilag GmbH in Berlin

14th June
“Interspaces as Site of Innovation Genesis”
Impulse Lecture at opening of the 2007 Interdisciplinary Salon for Europe /
FORUM 46 in Berlin

20th May
“Thinking in a Different Dimension”
Opening contribution to LGT Future Academy at Schloss Freudenfels on the
Swiss side of Lake Constance

25th April
“Interspaces: Unbounded Thinking – Inter-relational Thinking”
Lecture flanking the “Liberal Arts – ABC of Humanity” event in Science
Year 2007 at Braunschweig Technical University

19th January
“Innovation and Future – How the New Arrives and Survives”
Lecture at Städel Museum of Art, followed by Chair of the Innovation
Forum 2007 organized jointly by Accenture and the Rhine-Main Business
Club at awards ceremony of the 27th Innovationspreis der deutschen
Wirtschaft in Frankfurt am Main

8th December
“Education and Knowledge. The Importance of Education in the
Transition from Industrial to Knowledge Society”

Guest lecture at invitation of the Kaeser Kompressoren company and Siemens
AG in the Convention Center, Coburg

5th December
“Change in Politics and Society – Thinking the Future”
Guest lecture at “Futuredays” of the Political Science Department and the
student initiative Feki at the University of Bamberg

29th November
“Winning with Social Responsibility”
Lecture at event held under the same title organized jointly by the tegut company,
the UPJ network and the Hesse State Government in Fulda

26th October
“Complexity and Innovation: Thinking the Future, Shaping the Future”
Guest lecture to Senior Executives of ERCO Leuchten GmbH in Lüdenscheid

16th October
“Winning with Responsibility”
Lecture at event held under the same title organized jointly by DVB- Winterthur,
the Hesse State Government and the UPJ network in Wiesbaden

7th September
“Work and Society: Complexity and Innovation – Thinking in a Different

Discussion with Wolfgang Dehen (Siemens VDO), Dr. Frank Arnold (MMZ St. Gallen)
and Dr. Ralf Groetker (brand eins) at the 3rd “ZVEI” Future Forum in Berlin

9th July
“Leading into the Future – Leading Together. Complexity as Overarching
Challenge of the Future”

Opening lecture on launch of the LGT Zukunftsakademie at Schloss Freudenfels
on Lake Constance

29th June
“Leadership and Responsibility – Will everything be different
tomorrow anyway?”

Opening address at 15th Bodensee Forum “PersonnelManagement.
Between staff reductions and competition for the best minds” in Friedrichshafen

14th February
“Analytical Inquiry: Knowledge World Cup Winner Germany? –
Ways out of the offside trap”

Interview with Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Bullinger and Prof. Dr. Utz Claassen
at opening of Learntec 2006

10th February
Panel discussion with Dr. Helmut Maucher, Christa Thoben,
Prof. Dr. Götz W. Werner, Dr. Michael Werhahn and Jürgen Seitz at
opening of the 8th Congress for Family-owned Companies at the University
of Witten/Herdicke

8th February
“Profit and Morals – What companies with social responsibility
can gain.”

Guest lecture at Siemens Economic Forum2006 in Park Hotel Bremen

“Balanced Values Management – Future leadership perspectives”
Lecture at the 1st Congress in the “Rethinking Companies” series of the
Anselm Bilgri Center
for Corporate Culture in Berlin

5th October
“Heads or Tails – quo vadis Germany”
Guest lecture at the 3rd Session of the Participatory Advisory Council
of the Oberbürgermeisters/ Bürgermeisters of public sector utilities with
EnBW participation in the New Art Gallery, Stuttgart

17th September
“Rendering Complexity Manageable – Creating innovations”
Chair of the 1st Petersberg Colloquy of Commasoft AG in Gästehaus

15th July
“Forging the Future – Change andinnovation as entrepreneurial

Lecture at the General Meeting of the VDMA in Würzburg

16th June
“Networked and Boundaryless? – A short journey into the future”
Guest lecture at the 4th Corporate Banking and Financial Markets Off-Site
of the Royal Bank of Scotland at the Zeche Zollverein, Essen

3rd June
“A Journey into the Future –Transform tions, Trends, Scenarios”
Lecture and chair – in cooperation with Harald Preissler – the “Future
Day” of the INTES Academy at Schloss Bensberg

18th May
“Germany’s Future as Land of Ideas”
Keynote address at “Knowledge Manager of the Year” award ceremony,
organized jointly by Commerzbank, FTD and Impulse

20th May
“Value and Values Social Responsibility in the Bürgergesellschaft”
Lecture at “Philanthropy as Investment” conference organized jointly by UPJ
Hamburg, Dialog im Dunkeln, ALH, Otto and the NDR, Hamburg

17th March*
“Future and Confidence: How the New Arrives and Survives”
Guest lecture at General Assembly of Senior Executives, RWE Systems,

20th January*
“Future as an Unknown Quantity”
Lecture at the Convening Assembly of Deutsche Alumni e.V.,
Frankfurt am Main

15th January
“Networked Civic Engagement – Model for the Future?”
Impetus Lecture at the “Capital City Congress. The Berlin Burgergesellschaft
Organizes Itself” See:

“Perspectives of Work“
Panel discussion at the gala of the newspaper Der Standard, Vienna

15 October
“Future as an Unknown Quantity”
Opening address at the KulturHerbst Burgenland / ORF, Eisenstadt, Austria

22 September
“People and the Market: Competition as the Model for the Future?”
Lecture at the German Urology Congress, Mainz

25 August
“Exploring Boundaries: How the New Arises and Remains”
Opening address at Medienwoche Berlin / Babelsberg

29 April*
“Paradigm Shift”
Lecture at the “Rauchfangswerder Discussions” at Volkswagen Autostadt, Wolfsburg

5/6 March*
“Wealth with Responsibility”
Lecture at the Deutsche Bank forum held under the same title at Schloss Lerbach

14 February
“Responsibility for Tomorrow: Future 2020”
Panel Discussion at the 6th Congress for Family-Owned Companies of the University
of Witten/Herdecke

12 February
“Border-Crossing Knowledge Networks”
Lecture at Learntec 2004 in Karlsruhe

11 February
“Thinking Differently. Social Competence as Future Competence”
Lecture at the symposium “Essential Education – Informal Learning”
at the Technical College Berlin-Potsdam

“Zukunftsfähigkeit: Lernen als Vermögensbildung”
Vortrag bei der Tagung “Erfolgsfaktor Personal” der GENO Akademie in

23. Oktober
“Wettbewerb und Verantwortung: Das Leitbild einer neuen Balance”
Vortrag bei der Cosore-Konferenz der Siemens AG in München

20. Juni*
“Wissen und Werte: Das Vermögen der Zukunft”
Vortrag bei der Kundenveranstaltung der Bankgesellschaft Berlin-Invest in Bad

28. April*
“Networked and Boundaryless – the Future of Organizations?”
Vortrag bei der internationalen Führungskräftekonferenz der Webasto AG in

12./13. Mai
“Profit und Moral – Soziale Verantwortung als Wettbewerbsfaktor”
Eröffnungsvortrag zum UPJ-Kongress “Corporate Citizenship: Neue Wege für das
soziale Engagement im Mittelstand” in Frankfurt am Main

3./4. April*
“Corporate Cultural Responsibility. Wege zur Pflege der kulturellen Umwelt”
Arbeitstagung Siemens Art Program in München

11. März
“Das Andere Denken – Wertebalancierte Unternehmensführung”
Vortrag auf dem Nachhaltigkeitskongress der Stadt Nürnberg

6. März*
“Corporate Citizenship und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung”
Expertenworkshop der Duales System Deutschland AG auf Schloss Bensberg

16./17. Januar*
“Zukunftsfeste Bildung”
Arbeitstagung der Stiftung Brandenburger Tor in Berlin

“How we Want to Live and Work Tomorrow”
Discussion with Prof. Walter Ch. Zimmerli, Dr. Bolko von Oetinger
and Dr. Ulrich Schumacher, Infineon Future Forum, Berlin

12 November
“Thinking Differently – Values-Balanced and Sustainable Management”
Lecture at the Anniversary Congress of the
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität (DGQ), Frankfurt am Main

31 October
“Corporate Social Responsibility”
Lecture at the Industrial Association of Vorarlberg and the
company Omicron in Klaus, Vorarlberg, Austria

18 October *
“Networked and Borderless – Organizations without Stable Foundations?”
Introductory talk at the 3rd Johannisberg Symposium of the Frankfurt Forum
for Science and Business, Schloss Johannisberg

26 September *
“Knowledge and Values. On the Assets of the Future”
Lecture at the capital market forum of Deutsche Asset Management in Speyer

8 June *
“Learning to Think in Relationships: An Approach that Builds Connections?”
Lecture at the Bergweg Forum Denken der Zukunft e.V., Frankfurt am Main

17 February
HR2 radio program
“Back to the Future: Innovation Processes in Economy and Society”
A discussion with Peter Kemper

14 February
“The Transformation of the World: Global, Structural and Demographic
Challenges for Education and Work”

Address at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation conference “Demographic Change:
A Challenge for Education and Work” in Berlin.

1 January
“Future: An Unknown Quantity”
Andechs Discussion with Pater Anselm in the New Year program of Bayerisches

“Corporate Citizenship – Social Cooperation Projects”
Lecture and discussion at the 7th Autumn Academy on Business and Corporate
Ethics of the Constance Institute for Values Management in Weingarten.*

24 November
“Feel the World. A Dialog with the Future”
Lecture at the Natural Science Museum, Vienna, organized by the Department
of Science Theory and Science Research of the University of Vienna in cooperation
with the Austrian FM Academy.

13 November
“The Transformation of the World – What Corporate Leaders can
Expect from the Future”

Lecture at the Deutsche Bank Congress for Mid-Sized Companies, Wiesbaden.

10 November
“Globalization, New Economy, Knowledge Society: New Concepts
without new Thought?”

Lecture and recital at the convention of the German Democracy and Sustainability
Association of the Heinrich Böll Foundation “…making sense of information” in
Frankfurt a. M.

26 October
“Dialog with the Future”
Guest lecture at the anniversary of the law firm Nörr, Stiefenhofer,
Lutz at Sanssouci Dorint Hotel in Berlin-Potsdam.*

24 October
“Values-Balanced Management:
A New Paradigm for Management and Measurement in the 21st Century?”

Lecture at and chair of the Management Symposium 2001 in Stuttgart
“Values-Balanced Management” organized in cooperation with the Fraunhofer
Institut IAO and WirtschaftsWoche.

22 October
“The Transformation of the World”
Lecture and recital at the University of Hohenheim.

19 October
“How can we think the future?”
Opening address at the 2nd Johannisberg Symposium of the Frankfurt Science and
Business Forum on “Potentials and Chances for Growth: Future Fields of Innovation
and Markets” at Schloss Johannisberg.*

11 September
“Social Responsibility and Economic Utility”
Contribution to and chair of the expert hearing of the German initiative
“Companies: Partners of Youth”(UPJ) in cooperation with Hamburg-Mannheimer
Versicherung in Hamburg.

18 July
“Corporate Citizenship in Germany”
Lecture at the forum “Corporate Citizenship – Change by Social Responsibility”
of Aktion Gemeinsinn e. V. in Berlin

2 July
“Acting Socially: Sustainable Business”
Panel discussion at the Symposium of the initiative “Freedom and Responsibility”
of the German business federations and the magazine WirtschaftsWoche in Berlin.

19 June
“Economic Change and Social Responsibility”
Lecture and panel discussion at the International Partnership Initiative
of Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg.

28 May
“The Society of the Future – Capitalism in the 21st Century”
Panel discussion at the Academy of the Ruhr University in Bochum.

16 May
“The Transformation of the World”
Lecture and recital at “Akzente” in the city library of Duisburg

8 March
“Global Trends and Regional Consequences”
Dialog on the future with the regional prime minister of Vorarlberg, Dr. Herbert
Sausgruber, an event organized by the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) in the
monastery of Victorsberg.

16 February
“Building Bridges: The Vision of Social Cooperation Projects
and the Initiative Companies: Partners of Youth

Lecture and discussion at the Lyons Club Main/Taunus in Bad Homburg.

22 January
“Living in a Smart Environment? Questions from an Observer”
Contribution at the Ladenburg Discourse on “Living in a smart environment –
implications of ubiquitous computing” of the Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz

* ( private event )