“Those who travel the main roads will never discover new territory”

Future-oriented Strategic Advice on Leadership, Organization and Change
Checks & Analyses

Charting complex problems and giving first answers



We start with questions. What matters is to listen and read between the lines so as to see complex facts in interdisciplinary perspective. This does not always require an elaborate study. Often a concentrated check with a relatively brief period of interviews and study is sufficient for a first report and presenting first answers in a workshop discussion.


Coaching & Personal Advice



Good advice is always personal, systemic and situation-oriented. It has to be appropriate to the person, organization and challenges concerned.
We offer no Powerpoint presentations or „toolboxes.“ Instead, we assist our partners in discovering new solutions themselves, by combining their own knowledge with the unfamiliar insights of others. The aim is to discover new approaches that will help master the challenge of reorienting an organization. In the process, our customers benefit from our long experience of problematic innovation processes in a wide range of leading companies.

Solutions & Orientation

Concepts and architectures for innovation projects and leadership programs



Thinking „in between“ permits developing convincing, forward-looking and successful solutions in situations where conventional approaches fail. We offer conceptual solutions for especially difficult and multi-dimensional challenges. Our integrated innovation and knowledge network architectures make future-oriented strategy and leadership programs transparent and effective.


Future Dialogs & Leadership Seminars

Innovative knowledge transfer and networking



Classical expert seminars or forums often fail to provide genuine new insights. Recognizing what is new and integrating knowledge across disciplinary borders is what we really need. This is the aim of our dialogs between science, business and society, and our executive seminars. They are always customized to address the specific needs of the organizations that sponsor them and the participants involved.
For example:


Future Days – „A short trip into the future”

One-day seminars with some of our long-standing partners on a range of topics: Future, innovation and communication (Prof. Eckard Minx); Future and complexity (Prof. Franz Reither); Future and leadership (Prof. Fritz B. Simon) and others, designed and arranged individually for small circles of participants. Dates on request.